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Have you ever dreamed of having your own beautiful farmhouse with the aroma of village life, the dense nature that surrounds it, the organic farming that you cultivate with your ingenuity, and the rising sun that salutes your nature love? Now no more need to just dreamit because we have come up with a project that will give right justice to all the ideas you want to explore towards your nature love. ‘Agro Farm’is a perfect suit for people who want to do organic farming as well as various agricultural supplement businesses and build their dream ‘Farm- House’ around it.Project ‘Agro Farm’is located in Mulshi which is rapidly growing eco-tourism hub of Maharashtra. Mulshi is located close to people of Pune and Mumbai, close to nature and more important close to real you. At the current stage, Mulshi has best in class environment and all other basic facilities like road, light, water, transport, farm-workers etc. that lets you explore your organic farming vision.

True Symbol reflecting Love for Nature

We are always implementing something special for our clients and in this project we will be implementing an innovative concept. The natural accounts for organic farming will be created on the spot by adopting or rearing Cows &Goats on your plot. Also, vegetables grown from this farm will be delivered to your house at no extra charge.

So what are you waiting for, call us now and book your dream plot…

Overview of our Agro Farm Project

Agro Farm is a golden opportunity for those who dream of having their own farming or farming business while staying in nature and all at affordable cost and at reachable distance. Our main objective is to cultivate as much as possible land while targeting conservation of bio-diversity and all natural resources. Just take a look at our planned things:

Organic Farming - quality food

In today's life-threatening competition, the excessive use of chemical fertilizers has increased due to the demand for high yields and this is endangering biodiversity, soil fertility and human health through various alternatives. The best solution for this is 'Organic farming'.

Fruit Shrubs - Wealth Guarantee

One of the main goals behind our projection of Agro Farm project is to develop fruit farming in proportion with organic farming in order to generate sustainable income from agriculture. This will give a big boost to the food processing industry and also provide another job for the families living nearby.

Ayurvedic Plants – Cares you

India has donated the entire world name and usage of many Ayurvedic herbs used for treating many diseases and now we have forgotten these plants in the course of time. There is no shortage of such ayurvedic plants in ‘Agro Farm’. In this, we mainly use Kadunimb, Basil, Aloe, Adulsa, Kuda, Bell, Asparagus, Sonchafa etc.

Spice Plants - Cook Quality, Eat Quality

Indian spices with a unique aroma still dominate the global market and their importance in dining and nature is extraordinary. One of the main goals of ‘Agro Farm’ is to preserve biodiversity as well as generate various sources of income. In the cultivation of these spices, many useful plants like ova, hing, cinnamon, mustard, nutmeg, turmeric will be maintained.

Agribusiness - The best option for independence

Nature conservation is not only about farming or cultivating fruit trees, ayurvedic plants and spice plants, but also the proper availability of livestock and birds for biodiversity. There will be many business opportunities available in ‘Agro Farm’ so that the necessary fertilizers will be produced on the site to increase the soil fertility.

Commercial farming for financial income

Conservation of nature is not only our objective, but we also believe it is our duty to provide returns on the investment you are making to buy the plot and therefore we will utilize some of your plot areas for commercial cultivation.

Agro Farm – Farm House and Organic Farming Plots @Lavasa Road, Mulshi | 30KM from Pune

The Agro Farm project will be aimed mainly at promoting and developing organic farming in which the cultivable land is kept ready before you purchase your farming plot. Vision behind our organic farming projection is‘Do it yourself or let us do it for you’ and many such options are available to run organic farming experiments on your plot.

Our Six Stage Development Plan

This project will be developed in the following stages.
Stage 1 For the first 2 years, we are only focusing on making cultivable land andcarry study of the soil, fertility, soil type, ability to absorb water etc. We will get the key information that will play a vital role in further agricultural development and conservation of nature.
Stage 2 After this, to keep our members inclined towards agriculture and nature conservation suitable farm houses will be created so that they keep visiting their plots regularly.
Stage 3 As required for agriculture, basic needs of water, electricity supply, roads will be met.
Stage 4 Cattle farming and goat farming will be started so that the fertilizers required for organic farming can be produced in your own fields.
Stage 5 In this stage, the cultivation of fruit trees and ayurvedic plants will be started.
Stage 6 After this, the cultivation of various crops as per climatic conditions through organic farming will be started under the guidance of experts.

Project Highlights

A project fully focused on ‘Farm house surrounded by Organic Farms’, in proper Agriculture zone.
Fully fertile soil for any kind of organic crops / one can start cropping immediately.
90% Greenery & Tree Restoration – 10% Personal Use
Plot size – 1 Acre and Half Acre
Team of experts and experienced farmers will be ready to guide you over any issues experienced in organic farming.
Project team will guide you over how to benefit at commercial level through your organic farming experiments.


Sufficient roads
Water availability throughout the year
Separate light connection for each plot
Street lights and availability of other basic facilities
Drip irrigation
Water recycling
Rain water harvesting
Security Wall for Gated Community

Location Advantage

Just 3 KM from NH 166C (Pune - Dighi Port)
Just 5 KM from Pune –Dighi Four Lane Road (under widening)
Within radius of 500 M. from Akole Gavthan
12 KM from Paud
27 KM from Hinjewadi – Phase II
30 KM from Chandani Chowk
40 KM from Pimpri – Chinchwad
42 KM from Swargate

Special Initiative by Us – GO-PALAN (Cow Ranch)

Just a simple question, how many of you really remembers cow – we are sure many of you just remembering her while having a glass of milk or just when it’s a holy time to praise her but what about their protection and development, very few cares. As we are moving more and more towards urbanization and globalization, number of cow-shelters or farming businesses related to milk decreasing day by day and the main reason is non-availability of proper space, raw material, quality food for cow’s health and finally income earned through bi-products of cow. If the same continues for coming years, India will surely lose its top position as largest exporter of milk and will be highlighted in the position of top importer of cow-milk and other bi-products. But we are not from the group of people who just discuss the above topics and left the same once discussion finishes. We are true nature lovers, hard-working farmers and more importantly hearty cow-lovers and thus we always allot a special huge area to breed, protect and develop cows of Indian origins.
Features of our cow sheds:
Fully developed cow-shelter
Hygienic living space for cows of domestic breeds
Healthy organic food, green vegetables and fruit remains grown from our own farms
Regular health check-ups
Trained staff to extract milk
Special natural equipments to process bi-products
Cow-dung will be used as compost for organic farming in our project

Our Humble Request - Any person or community who is really interested in protecting cows or breed cows but lack a space can handover their cows to us and we are here to take quality care of them.

Support for Organic Farming Offered by Us

Team of experts in the field of agriculture is always available to guide you over the various issues like how to take different crops throughout the year, how to enhance bio-diversity using various schemes and how to cultivate crops in an organic way.

While doing traditional farming, we are giving priority to innovative methods and experiments that will complement different modern but only organic farming initiatives.

Since we are conducting organic farming, we will produce the necessary natural fertilizers in our fields. For this, the option of animal husbandry will be adopted.

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