!! Be the Farmer - Be The Owner – Be the Nature Lover !!

Maivanarai Agro Farm means be the proud owner of your plot with your own dream farm house and your own farm. It is the place where your dream home will come true in the Embrace of Sahyadri and you live happily with your family while enjoying various farming models.

Experience the inner voice of Nature – Everyday, Everywhere

Maivanarai Agro Farm lets you experience the beauty of nature covered with greenery, the music of birds chirping that refreshes the mind, the pure air that is essential for your physical and mental peace and much more at affordable rates.

If your Dream is “Life in The Company of Nature’ then ‘Maivanarai Agro Farm’ is Reality to that Dream.
!!! Live Your Dream with Maivanarai Agro Farm !!!

Maivanarai Agro Farm will be a huge forest spread over 230 acres full of flowers and biodiversity. You can earn good additional income by planting fruit trees, ayurvedic plants, organic farming, cattle rearing, goat rearing, agro tourism etc. around your own farmhouse

Maivanarai Agro Farm - where nature itself guarantees a happy life

Maivanarai Agro Farm will be a small private forest full of biodiversity and flowering spread across 230 acres. 'Maivanarai Agro Farm' is a golden opportunity for those who dream of doing their own farming or agribusiness by staying in touch with nature. You can enjoy living here as well as cultivating fruit trees, ayurvedic plants, organic farming, animal husbandry, goat rearing, agro tourism, commercial farming etc. with ample opportunities to establish and grow your business faster.

Are you searching for agriculture land for sale in pune or farm house plot for sale in pune providing the feel of Holiday Home in nature? You are landed to perfect page…We have gain the reputation of best farmhouse projects near pune offering ready to cultivate organic farm plot with a plenty of business models. In addition to all this, we are also making arrangements for Farm House with Hi-Speed Wi-Fi connection so that you can continue new structure of employment i.e. Work From Home (WFH) even if you plan to stay here for long time.

Organic Farming – Move towards quality food and healthy life

In today's life-threatening competition, the excessive use of chemical fertilizers has increased due to the demand for high yields and this is endangering biodiversity, soil fertility and human health through various alternatives. The best solution for this is 'organic farming'... Read more

Fruit Shrubs - Wealth Guarantee

One of the main goals behind our projection of Maivanarai Agro Farm project is to develop fruit farming in proportion with organic farming in order to generate sustainable income from agriculture. This will give a big boost to the food processing industry and also provide another job for the families living nearby...Read more

Ayurvedic Plants – Prevents you and cures you from many common diseases

India has donated the entire world name and usage of many Ayurvedic herbs used for treating many diseases and now we have forgotten these plants in the course of time. There is no shortage of such ayurvedic plants in ‘Maivanarai Agro Farm’...Read more

Spice Plants - Cook Quality, Eat Quality

Indian spices with a unique aroma still dominate the global market and their importance in dining and nature is extraordinary. One of the main goals of ‘Maivanarai Agro Farm’ is to preserve biodiversity as well as generate various sources of income. In the cultivation of these spices, many useful plants like ova, hing, cinnamon, mustard, nutmeg, turmeric will be maintained...Read more

Agribusiness - The best option for independence

Nature conservation is not only about farming or cultivating fruit trees, vegetables, ayurvedic plants, spice plant, but also the proper availability of livestock and birds for biodiversity. There will be many business opportunities (like organic farming, commercial farming, dairy business etc.) available in ‘Maivanarai Agro Farm’...Read more

Commercial farming for financial income

Conservation of nature is not only our objective, but we also believe it is our duty to provide returns on the investment you are making to buy the plot and therefore we will utilize some of your plot areas for commercial cultivation. Bamboo farming is one of the most profitable businesses with guarantee of Rs. 3 lacs income per acre without any maintenance...Read more

The Unique Concept of 'Maivanarai Agro Farm'

First nature conservation and then your home

Maivanarai Agro Farm is not just a land of plots available for setting up a farm house; it will be an idol example of nature conservation and growth. This idea will sooner be reality as we are working hard towards our mission and passion of conserving the nature. We will provide plots of at least 1 acre for setting up your dream farm house for which we have set a ratio of 90:10. 90% Nature and 10% Construction.

Your plot will be ready to give you the incomparable pleasure of nature with the help of organic farming, beautiful fruit trees, ayurvedic plants, bird's nests etc. that have already blossomed in your farm house before you enter it. It is not necessary for you to come and start farming or cultivate nature on your own as it will be our responsibility to take care of growth of beautiful nature on your plot. All you have to do is buy a plot and visit regularly to support & promote the work we are doing to settle a classy weekend home nearby pune only for you. Maivanarai Agro Farm you are not only investing for nature conservation but it will be a gratifying gift to you and to your descendants.

Highlights of Maivanarai Agro Farm

An idol and reliable project across 230 acres under 'Farmhouse with Agriculture' model which is getting spontaneous response from nature lovers

Only 75 km from Pune near Bhor - Bhatghar dam

Eco-friendly and affordable model assuring dam view plots or water touch agriculture plot with abundant water and essential natural fertilizers for agriculture.

Full-fledged farming will be done for first three years. You do it yourself or we will do it for you.

Expert guides, experienced farmers, efficient army of nature lovers and the companionship of nature itself

Organic farming, fruit trees and ayurvedic as well as scientific cultivation and care of Indian plants

It is every man’s dream to have a beautiful, spacious and lush green farm house. Do you think that you should have a place to breathe a sigh of relief from your daily stressful life? Do you also think along with the dream of a farm house, if you can do farming or agricultural supplementary business at the same place?? Creators of 'Maivanarai Agro Farm' have come up with confidence and a plan where both your dreams will come true.

Golden Opportunity for Organic Farming, Fruit Planting, Ayurvedic Plant Planting, Agribusiness, Commercial Farming and Nature Conservation through Maivanarai Agro Farm.