Ayurvedic Plants – Secrets from Grandmother's Purse

India has donated Ayurvedic herbs to the world for treatment of many ailments and now we ourselves have forgotten these plants in the course of time. There will be no shortage of such Ayurvedic plants in Maivanarai Agro Farm as we will reserve number of Water Touch Agricultural Plots for Ayurvedic Plantation and will also take proper care of them. In those plots, we will mainly cultivate Neem, Basil, Aloe, Adulsa, Kuda, Bell, Asparagus, Sonchafa etc.

Why the Cultivation of Ayurvedic and Medicinal Plants is important?

The system of traditional medicine depends on many things. Considering the population growth and consequent inadequate supply of medicines, prohibited cost of treatment, side effects of many synthetic drugs and resistance to drugs currently used for infectious diseases, large scale and commercial cultivation of Ayurvedic and medicinal plants can be beneficial.

According to the WHO, more than 21,000 species of plants in the world can be used as medicinal plants, and out of that more than 8,000 species of medicinal plants are found in India alone.

Also herbal remedies are considered to be safer as they are compatible with nature and do not cause any side effects.

Many ayurvedic herbs are written in our grandmother's secrets for many ailments, big and small, of all ages.

Benefits of Ayurvedic and Medicinal Plants

We are moving away from nature due to the overuse of advanced technology in daily life. But we cannot escape from nature because we are part of nature. The following are main benefits of Ayurvedic and Medicinal plants

Products made from Ayurvedic plants are completely natural and are free from side effects.
Many ayurvedic and medicinal plants are environmental friendly and are easily available locally.
Extracts made from easily available medicinal plants are used for various seasonal ailments.
Apart from medicinal uses, Ayurvedic plants are also used in natural dyes, pest control, food, aromatic perfumes, tea etc.
It is also often used to keep ants, insects, and rats away from home.
Ayurvedic and medicinal plants are often used to treat ailments like diarrhea, constipation, hypertension, hemorrhoids, asthma, fever, colds and flu, whooping cough.