Commercial Farming for Economic Gain

Nature conservation is our main goal but we also consider it our duty to let you earn a lifetime regular income on the investment you make to buy a plot near pune and that is why we will use some of your plot for Commercial Farming. This will allow you to expand the concept of various products that you can get from your own farm or we can share the profits that we get from commercial crops here. This will give you a return on your investment and give us the satisfaction of nurturing the nature.

Bamboo Planting

Bamboo cultivation is beneficial as an alternative to cash crops. The climate and soil type in the western part of Maharashtra is suitable for Bamboo Farming and this is the reason why regular production of bamboo can be done here with great opportunity to generate regular income. Bamboo is used for handicrafts, furniture, construction, various goods, musical instruments, paper industry and many more such things.

Benefits of Bamboo Cultivation

Compared to other crops, bamboo requires very little fertilizer and care.
Bamboo plays an important role in preventing soil erosion.
Bamboo is a fast growing plant that is adapted to climate change and is not susceptible to diseases and pests.
Bamboo plays an important role in generating biomass because it absorbs four times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than other plants.
As Bamboo is not perishable, its cutting can be done at any time.
Bamboo plants or crops do not need to be replanted, they can be planted once and produce for many years.

So are you interested to enter into Bamboo Farming Business? We have reserved some Plots for Bamboo Farming with all basic and advanced facilities. Get in touch with us now for more details…

Teak Planting

Teak wood is used in many ways from the construction of houses to the wooden furniture in the house because it is extremely valuable due to the special properties contained in teak wood. Given the perennial demand for teak wood, its commercial cultivation can definitely be profitable. When the teak is ready, it is pruned so that new shoots come back to the old trunk, which means that once planted, it continues to yield for years. So if you are looking for Plots for Teak Farming near Pune then we are the best option for you. Contact us now for more details and guidance for the same.