Total planned area of ​​Maivanarai - 230 acres

We have planned the Maivanarai Project very carefully and scientifically as agricultural development and nature conservation are the things that cannot happen overnight and that’s why we have designed the entire project ourselves under the guidance of farmers and experts who will surely guarantee you of your investment. We will first develop 10 plots of 1 acre area each to make our various agricultural concepts and nature conservation experiments a success. This project is a perfect suit for those nature lovers who are eagerly looking land for sale, land for lease or land for group farming since very long nearby Pune and Mumbai.

First Stage – Forming a resourceful base for Farming (2 Years)

We will invest our first 2 years to make cultivable fertile land to give you up-to-date information about soil study, fertility, soil type, water absorption capacity etc. which will play a vital role in further agricultural developments and nature conservation.

After this, we will construct livable farms and cowsheds for our members so as to develop their interest in agriculture and nature conservation and with that in mind they should visit the project regularly.

The basic needs required for agriculture like water, electricity supply, and roads will be met.

After this, cattle rearing and goat rearing will be started so that the fertilizers required for organic farming can be produced in our own fields.

In the next phase, cultivation of fruit trees and ayurvedic plants will be started.

If the members are unable to do farming on their own, their land will be regularly maintained by us.s

After this, various crops will be cultivated according to the climate. The growth of those crops will be reviewed and their information will be made available for further agricultural development which will make it easier for you to carry out new experiments on your Farm Land.

The Second Stage (Time Period: 6 Months)

Now in this phase, based on the agricultural studies done in the last 2 years and according to the demand of the members, various crops will be planted to start earning a guaranteed income.

Internal paved roads, electricity connection and water supply will be provided as per the requirement for transportation of agricultural goods.

Along with the cultivation on your water touch agricultural plot, planning and actual construction of your dream farmhouse will now begin.

The Third Stage (Time Period: 6 Months)

At this stage proper planning will be done for the sustainable conservation of the grown crops and nature. Now all the members can avail the benefits of organic farming, fruit trees, ayurvedic plants etc. developed in Maivanarai project for free. In addition to the members, nature lovers who are interested in nature conservation will be given an opportunity to experience and study agro tourism in pune formed by Maivanarai for a nominal fee.

The development at this stage will be as follows:

10 acres of organic farming
10 acres for planting of fruit trees
10 acres for cultivation of ayurvedic plants
10 acres of commercial farming
10 acres of agro tourism

The Fourth Stage (Time Period: 3 Months)

At this stage, naturally grown trees, shrubs, etc. over the hills and streams at various places not used for farming purpose will be taken care of and in addition, maximum number of Indian trees will be planted and nurtured wherever possible.We understand that nature conservation is not our hobby but our duty.

The Fifth Stage

We do regular farming ourselves and at the same time cultivate our passion for nature conservation in various ways. Through this project, we have been able to cultivate organic farming, fruit trees, agribusiness, commercial farming etc. in 30 acres. We will implement our concepts by staying here full time because we also believe that we are responsible for your farming as well as ours.

So how you find our Planning?? Superlative…Right…Then what are you waiting for...Take advantage of the on-going attractive offers. Contact us for more information or visit us in person to confirm your investment.