A way of doing ethical business!


A dreamland of true Nature Lovers!


A shelter that nurtures Furture with Nature!


An authentic place that produces Health!


Rejuvenate yourself with the joy of village life!


A favourite destination of Seniors that makes them Younger!


A Community of like-minded people!

Village —as the word suggests, it is a group of people living together maintaining their own way of habits, culture, language, etc. But what if a village is built for & by like-minded people? Isn’t it great for all?! That’s exactly triggered the idea of VANARAI VILLAGE...

We at Vanarai believe that we owe to this mother earth and we must help conserving it for our future generations only. Taking this in mind we have planned and designed a project that focuses on each and every member of your family. Yes, that makes the COMMUNITY as your EXTENDED FAMILY! Let's develop Culture and nurture the Nature!

Everything for everybody — It doesn't really matter if you are doing business, service, retired or willing to work with us. We have something or the other for You! The only pre-condition is that you must be a Nature Lover.

This makes Vanarai Village truly Natural and not Artificial! A family that has only one language — Organic, one religion — Nature Lover and one aim— Conservation of Mother Earth —That’s it!!

A truly unique concept that gives everything to everybody... Yes, you heard it right! Explore How...


Our approach helps people who are interested in ROI for their property. It helps creating an organic income through wise investment. Accommodation, recreation, food and various agricultural products and by-products give numerous opportunities to setup a steady and healthy business model.

What you get

Reserved land for commercial activities
Wide range of crops to choose from
Professional atmosphere
Facilities for all commercial activities
Planned allocation for Farm House
Technical assistance
What we offer
Steady income module
Event management
B2C activities
Maintenance of property
Safety and security


Permaculture is nothing but “Permanent Agriculture”. As it indicates, the plots allocated for this purpose needs nothing more than a productive land that follows natural ecosystem. Here, one can grow any crop Organically. We strictly adhere to organic development and hence it is best choice for someone who is really interested purely in organic farming.

What you get

Choice to pick desired location from as big as 20 acres of dedicated land
Planned farming area for organized output
Discounted pricing
Allocation for Farm House
All support for Organic Farming
What we offer
Support for planning and execution
Maintenance of plantation
Steady income source
World-class infrastructure


This is for those who are willing to have their dream of own farm house with healthy lifestyle through organically grown fruits and vegetables. Our strict approach towards organic farming ensures health of your family and entire Community. This also allows one to create a pipeline income model which can be another way to look into.

What you get

Dedicated allotment of 20 acres land
Organic farming
Allocation of Farm House
What we offer
Cow shed
All support for organic farming
By-products of cow shed
Gyr cows
Maintenance of property


These days people are more inclined towards Ayurved and Naturopathy for its effective methodology of curing. Hence, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide best quality raw material that will give better output. Apart from its commercial value it also ensures better conservation of land and its surroundings.

What you get

Specially allocated land to take care of hygiene
Ensured purity of soil
Tested and certified soil to achieve best quality crop
What we offer
Assistance in plantation
Maintenance of crop
Assistance in regulatory requirements


It is unique concept that allows everyone who is part of community can participate to develop the agro tourism without having repetition of activities. So, decision can be made unanimously to plan and execute tourism business with the help of modern technology. Also, the there are several futuristic opportunities to make Vanarai Village itself a favorite Agro Tourism destination!

What you get

20 acres each of Water Touch & Water View Plots
Like-minded members
Support for various activities
What we offer
Infrastructure development
Assistance in manpower management
Maintenance of property
Unique income model
Ethical commitment
No bachelors would be allowed as visitor
Only family and senior citizens will be allowed
Special fares for senior citizens


Not just by age but we believe senior citizens are the real value of our existence. Hence, we take utmost care of them and help them achieving their healthy, peaceful and joyful life. They can participate in any of our projects and they will get a Special Treatment above all other benefits. Nonetheless, their true blessings transform our Community into Family!

What you get

Water Touch and Water View plots
Bamboo fencing
What we offer
Steady income source (optional)
Temple and Yoga center
24x7 Medical aid (Ambulance, doctors, first aid, etc.)
Traditional seating arrangements
HiFi network facilities for better connectivity
Safety & security
Recreation areas
Special discounts in rates and fares

Maivanarai Agro Farm Project Planning, Outline and Proposed Farming Types

Mai Vanarai is not just a project limited to ‘Farming with Farmhouse Plots’ but a small village or family of people who agree with the ideas of organic farming, fruit trees, ayurvedic plants, nature conservation and love of nature. Our work is not limited to just selling the plot you need for the farmhouse, but we look forward to providing many business and income opportunities from the farm adjacent to your farm house. From our project near Bhatghar Dam, we want you to see the beautiful nature, learn about different Indian Ayurvedic plants and fruit trees, cultivate them, preserve them and enjoy a healthy and wholesome life by using these plants and fruits in your diet and this is what our ultimate goal is. We will take care that only organic farming or conventional farming will be done in our Mai Vanarai project.

Being busy with urban life, if you want to experience what a village is like, what it is like to live there, what the culture is like, or if you want to connect your next generation with the village culture, then Mai Vanarai Project is the sure answer to all your expectations. In today's competitive and commercial world, we see that no one is bigger than money, but your feelings are more important to us than money because the investment you make for land is more emotional than financial. Those who find land acquisition as easy as buying a mobile or a car are ultimately the victims of fraud. Because when we buy mobiles, cars, TVs, clothes, we make a decision only after thorough study of the brand, their service, price, etc. So why are we careless when it comes to land acquisition? So some buyers think their reputation is more important than money - they are blessed to show how rich I am, where I have land, how cheap I got a farm house. They have no emotional connection with that land. But we think the land is not a piece of paper just to show, it is our earth mother. She should be served wherever she is, and we should respect the people around her by studying and associating with them. If you are not able to manage the land you are buying, enjoy a nature trip once a year with the interest earned by keeping the money in the bank, but if you are cheated by investing when you don't need to, don't curse the entire developer lobby because you are the one making the mistake and not the developers.

We warmly welcome individuals or groups who are interested in nature conservation, organic farming and animal husbandry, or who want to make a fresh start in this field. (And most importantly those who value money because those who value money are able to make the right decisions and we have a different kind of joy working with such people). All our colleagues are always ready to serve you.

MaiVanarai Project Outline

Mai Vanarai Agro Farm is a project being developed in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. This allows our members to experience nature up close. The location of our project is where agriculture has not reached till date i.e. chemical fertilizers have not been used on these lands so far and hence this place is a perfect complement to generate income by organic farming.

Vanarai is the green of the forest and it has survived in this place as the name implies. As 30% of the total project area will not be used, we will be planting and cultivating many fruit trees, Ayurveda plants, Indian trees on this site (this will be a special attraction for nature lovers in Vanarai). Only Vanarai members will have access to this place and only they and their families will be able to enjoy the fruits here. Of the remaining 70% of the land, 20% will be used for internal roads. In the remaining 50% of the land, we will demolish plots of 1 acre or more and we will be very careful to ensure that our Vanarai family stays in good condition. We are well aware of the plight of many projects of the plotting type.

We will be planting appropriate amount of bamboo, ayurvedic plants and fruit trees in certain areas of each member's plot which are not in use. This will give you many income opportunities. You can get regular income from bamboo cultivation, you can sell products or raw materials from Ayurvedic plants directly to big pharmaceutical companies, fruit trees will also give you regular income. In addition, you can earn a good income by doing other agribusiness. We are well-planned and willing to work hard for the Vanarai project to emerge as a major organic market in the future.

Our Confident Planning of the Mai Vanarai Project

We will provide 3 inch water pipeline for each plot. We are going to draw this water from the dam and store it in a big farm pond. This farm pond will be at the top of the hill so that you don't have to turn on the motor or pay the electricity bill every time for water due to gravity. This will save your money on water pumping and motor.
There will be 25 to 30 feet of internal roads for each plot. Fruit trees and Indian trees will be planted along the road.
Bamboo and Ayurvedic plants will be planted on all four sides to cover the common maintenance cost of each plot. These trees are wild and do not require special attention for their growth but provide good yields which will make it easier to collect common maintenance of the plot.
Each plot will be planted with seasonal juicy fruit trees and we will take care of these trees free of cost till the fruits come. In our experience, many plot holders buy plots and keep coming there only for the first few days but over time their attachment to the land diminishes. The feeling behind this is that you should come to the Vanarai frequently to maintain this longing and enjoy the fruits on your own plot.
One residential farmer family will be kept behind every 5 plots for farming. There will be a cow shed near their house, a separate arrangement for goat rearing and a separate cage for hens.
This family will take care of the trees of the 5 plots and monitor their growth. Leaving your plot, the family will continue to do organic farming in whatever space is left and will always try to earn something.

Division / Group of Agricultural Varieties in Mai Vanarai

We have divided the plots in Mai Vanarai to meet the nature conservation needs of everyone and at the same time enjoy the nature and get regular income and have reserved the plots in such places as are complementary to them:

Organic Farming + Farm House and Permaculture for Own Subsistence

This type of plot is for individual buyers and no commercial compromise can be made. These plots will be for you to fully enjoy the concept of a farmhouse with your farm.

Commercial Organic Farming & Farm House

These plots are reserved for commercial purposes with the facilities available to them immediately.

Farm house for Senior Citizens

These plots have been reserved in the early part of the project, recognizing the needs and safety of the senior citizens without much effort.

Farm House - Collective Agro Tourism

These plots are reserved for those who want to earn a regular income through group farming and also enjoy the company of nature.

Farm House + Planting of Fruit Trees

These plots are reserved for those who want to earn a regular income by planting fruit trees next to their farm house or use these fruits for themselves.

Individual Farm House + Fruit Planting + Ayurvedic Vegetable Planting (for Vegetarian Members Only)

These plots are reserved for those who want to cultivate fruit trees and ayurvedic plants on the land adjacent to the farm house without any commercial purpose.

Farm House + Fruit Planting + Ayurvedic Vegetable Planting (Commercial)

These plots are reserved only for those who want to earn a decent income by cultivating fruit trees and ayurvedic plants on the land adjoining the farm house in a commercial manner.

If our planning, our project outline and overall our concept of nature conservation is similar to your dream farmhouse with farming, contact us today and take a sure step towards fulfilling your dream.