Agricultural Supplement Business - Great Alternative to Self-reliance

Nature conservation is not just about farming or cultivating fruit trees, ayurvedic plants and spices, but also the availability of adequate amounts of animals and birds to sustain biodiversity. There will be many agri-business opportunities in Maivanarai Agro Farm so that the fertilizers required to increase the fertility of the land will be produced on the spot. We will provide all necessary assistance for various types of agricultural supplementary business such as cattle rearing, goat rearing, poultry rearing, silkworm rearing, fruit processing industry.

The Need for Agribusinesses

It is the need of the hour to do business in a way that is complementary to agriculture for a secure and regular income without relying on traditional farming and recognizing that need, we are promoting various agri-businesses in the Maivanarai.
A number of researches after studying the changed nature cycle, availability of water, prices of agricultural commodities have suggested that every farmer can earn a decent income if he engages in joint ventures according to type of his farming.
Agribusiness mainly includes cattle rearing, goat rearing, poultry rearing, silkworm rearing, bee keeping, horticulture, mushroom industry, fruit and flower processing industries which requires less capital with adequate profit margin.

Benefits of Agribusiness

Income from agro-based industries provides financial support to farmers for other agricultural activities.
The farmer does not have to depend on moneylenders for the capital he needs as the income from agri-business acts as a working capital for him.
The various fertilizers required for organic farming can be made from cow dung and goat rearing in their own fields.
The growing number of animals and other pests in agribusiness play a vital role in maintaining the balance of biodiversity.
Dung and cow urine provide a convenient alternative to chemical fertilizers, which also reduces the cost of farming and avoids the use of chemical fertilizers as an alternative to better crops.
Agribusiness requires manpower and therefore provides employment opportunities to the youth and women.