Maivanarai Agro Farm presents a golden opportunity to invest in scenic modern agricultural farms near Pune and Mumbai

Advantages of investing:

Top in class amenities, development, meetings all prescribed norms
Emphasis on aesthetics, nature preservation and sustainable development
Become a member of an ever growing community of entrepreneurs and nature enthusiasts
Unmatched rates of appreciation/valuation of the investments
Guaranteed returns (Mivanarai Agro assures tax free 18% per annum return returns on all investments above 50 lakhs and after a lock-in period of 3 years*)
Opportunity to grow along with Mainvanarai while investing in projects such as organic farming, animal husbandry, commercial forestry, etc.

Maivanari Agro Farm is being increasingly recognised as a best-in-class developer and service provider in the Mumbai-Pune region. Maivanarai has forged its identity by delivering on its promise of developing nature sensitive agricultural farms offering unmatched amenities, benefits and returns. Set in the backdrop of the beautiful and serene foothills in Bhor, our projects offer the most breath-taking views of lush green forests and foothills, fountains and backwaters. Strategically located in close proximity to the cities of Pune and Mumbai, our farms provide the expanse comforts of countryside replete with modern features comprising medium to small scale agro and allied farms.

In our endeavour to serve our customers and investors in the best possible manner, we rely on our core principles of Sustainability, Equity and Transparency.

Competitive Rates

Our Project are offered at competitive rates aimed at reducing initial development cost for our investors. We offer best in class amenities (please see Project Details for more information). Our investment process is seamless and customer friendly. All transactions including land acquisition and title verification are conducted with utmost diligence after meeting all legal and compliance formalities.

Project Details

Our project is being implemented over an expanse of 230 acres of panoramic agricultural land
Fully developed/levelled plots, fencing, provision for electricity and water, common areas and other striking features and facilities
Approximately 30% of the entire project land shall have vegetation cover meeting and bettering similar projects being developed by our competitors. Before offering plots to our investors we plant and maintain trees for approx. 2 years
Special care goes towards preserving seasonal streams and waterfalls. Plots of varying sizes, starting with 1 acre are available
Access roads 25-30 feet wide (covering 20% of the total project land) are common pathways and offer maximum utilisation of land for the investor
Great offers such as reduced investment size at special concessional rate of 9 lakhs/acre

Important Information about Investment

Our experience so far has shown that ‘Mai Vanarai Agro Farm’ is a unique emerging project inspired by 'Nature Conservation' and gaining popularity among nature lovers. Along with nature conservation, we are implementing this project with many natural facilities like organic farming, cultivation of Indian medicinal plants and trees, cattle rearing, goat rearing, bamboo planting, manure production, etc. Our goal is to make every inch and inch of land in our project green and we are ready to work hard for it.

For many years, we have been providing investment options in the category of 'farm-house plots with agriculture', but while doing so, we are also noticing other frauds in this area. In today's lucrative age, many reputed developers are also luring customers with attractive land investment plans. The buyers are buying these lands just for their benefit and thus this hidden builder lobby succeeding to collect huge investments which they are using for other urban projects. Buyers who invest in such lands without any specific objectives do not agree on many things and thus many projects have been stalled for years or even if they got completed, due to lack of maintenance funds they are not in livable conditions. As a result, people's investment is wasted but at the same time such fertile lands are not used for any work and all these activities are causing immense damage to nature. Nature lovers like us find this very disturbing.

Servicing nature is our focus and our project is a special occasion for nature lovers. Our goal is not just to make a profit, but to bring people closer to nature and achieve the goal of nature conservation through land investment.

Our experience has shown that many people looking for a farmhouse with their farm near the dam or near the dam view and that is why we have started many of our projects in the hilly areas after analyzing such great lands. Our project is favored by nature lovers as we take full responsibility for nature on the buyer’s plot. In addition to permanent cultivation on each plot holder's plot, we will also plant several fruit trees and ayurvedic plants and will maintain them permanently. Due to unpredictable changes in the climate, even if these trees could not survive or even if they burned, we will plant other new trees in the place and it is free. We will not charge any fee from the plot holders for maintaining the nature of our project. Having your plot well maintained will make you feel visit it again and again.

Even if the plot holders in Vanarai own the plot, it will be the moral responsibility of all to take care of the unused land in the project, all the Indian fruit trees, and other trees cultivated on it. Every plot holder will have the freedom to enjoy the nature you are cultivating for free without any degradation.

A golden opportunity to invest in Mai Vanarai for those who want to invest in farmhouse plots and agriculture

Buying land by legal registration will keep your investment safe.
The locking period will be at least 3 years to get a good return on your investment.
Initially, the investment will be Rs. 9 lakh per acre and after 3 years you can transfer the same land in the name of any person suggested by us. By this, you will also get the right return which means you have the option to earn at least 18% (full tax-free) profit per annum. (Terms apply).

Transparent transactions and similar management are our hallmarks in the real estate sector and that is why we do not hide anything from our buyers. The rates of plots including development in the project we are implementing will be different as we are committed to providing all the facilities required by all the plot holders as well as we also aim to bring the remaining land under organic farming.

The entire project is being implemented on 230 acres. We and all our plot holders are going to plant large trees on the remaining unused land except the two nallas in it (approximately 30% of the land). The size of each plot is at least 1 acre and no road will pass through it. The common roads for all plot holders will be 25 to 30 feet, which means 20% of the land will be required for the construction of these roads. If our dream of Vanarai is to come true, a rate of at least Rs. 45 lakh per acre is expected. We welcome nature-loving investors like you to fulfill the development of our project as well as make it unique by the way of organic farming, cow-rearing, goat-rearing, and fruit tree planting. A minimum period of 2 years has to be given for growing trees and making the land cultivable.

Special Features We Offer to Our Investors

Even if you are investing in Vanarai as our investor and you want to say goodbye to Vanarai with your return, Vanarai will provide you the following benefits by making you a permanent member:

Organically grown vegetables, fruits as well as Gir cow's milk, Gavaran cow's milk, Jersey cow's milk, buffalo's milk, goat's milk, sheep's milk will be made available to you at your doorstep with at least 20% discount.
You will also get a lifetime free membership of Vanarai so that you will remain permanently connected to Vanarai.

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