Organic Farming – Today’s Need, Tomorrow’s Feed

In today's age of life-threatening competition, the use of chemical fertilizers has increased exponentially in the pursuit of higher yields, which in turn threatens biodiversity, soil fertility and alternatively, human health. The panacea for this is 'Organic Farming'. In order to create awareness among the farmers about organic farming, the entire farming in Maivanarai will be a natural practice. Fruits and vegetables, rice, spices, wheat, cotton, tea etc. are the best crops that can be produced through organic farming.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is the practice of using organic matter available from nature without any use of chemicals. Natural fertilizers or organic fertilizers are used for this farming, e.g. Manure, compost, vermicompost, chicken manure, fish manure, green manure etc. Agriculture is the lifeblood of the Indian economy but the growth graph of the agricultural sector is deteriorating day by day due to life threatening competition in the agricultural sector, rising production costs, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and alternatively declining soil fertility. And that is why quality and assured income is the real need of the hour and the golden mean of it is 'organic farming'.

Four Basic Principles of Organic Farming

Principle of Health Organic farming helps to maintain health and it also conserves soil, plants, animals and humans. This farming helps in maintaining the balance of mental, physical, environmental and social welfare.
Principle of Justice In organic farming, natural resources are used wisely and thus a balance is maintained between humans and other living creatures. Organic farming raises the standard of living and prevents damage to nature and preserves it for the next generation.
Principle of Environmental Equilibrium: Many chains of the environment are interdependent and therefore organic farming is of great help in maintaining the proper balance of these ecological cycles.
Futurist Principle Due to benefits of the present nature and their careful conservation, organic farming leaves a rich natural heritage for many future generations.

Benefits of Organic Farming & Organic Fertilizers

The use of organic fertilizers for organic farming provides nitrogen to the soil and leads to better crop growth.
The use of organic fertilizers increases the water holding capacity of the soil and also prevents soil erosion and this helps in keeping the soil fertile for many years.
The use of organic fertilizers helps in maintaining the fertility of the soil and this helps in maintaining the soil acidity, sediment and salinity.
The use of organic fertilizers increases the ability of the soil to exchange salts and is used to provide balanced nutrients to the plants.
Organic fertilizers contain a good amount of carbs or carbon, which is used by many nutrients in the soil and is the source of nutrients to the soil crops and plants.
Organic matter also helps in maintaining proper temperature balance as organic fertilizers help to keep the soil cool in hot temperatures and keep the soil warm in cold temperatures.
Foods produced from organic farming are non-toxic as no chemical fertilizers are used.
The chronology of the environment is dependent on plants, animals and insects, and the natural balance is maintained as none of these elements are degraded by organic farming.

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Necessity of Organic Farming

The chemicals used in farming are mixed in the production of crops and grains to get maximum yield. By the time we eat such grains or fruits, the toxins and chemicals in them also enter our stomach and our body gets infected with many new diseases from time to time and this has an overall effect on our healthy lifestyle. The effects of this chemical farming, which has been going on for many years, are now experienced by the farmers themselves and hence the demand for the goods produced by organic farming is huge. Farmers and the general public are convinced that organic farming is the need of the hour and that is why only organic farming can bring better prosperity to the farmers.