Fruit Tree Farming – Source of Assured Income

Along with organic farming, horticulture is proving to be very lucrative today due to its good perennial prices in the domestic as well as international markets and the support of various government schemes, which is why horticulture should be promoted. One of the main objectives behind the concept of Maivanarai is to take care of the fruit trees by cultivating the right amount of organic farming to get a good income from agriculture. This will give a big boost to the food processing industry and provide another source of livelihood for the nearby families. Your plot in the Maivanarai will definitely be covered with delicious fruit trees like mango, guava, chikku, custard apple, locust, coconut, fig etc. offering you an opportunity to earn extra income from this.

Why is the guidance of experts and experienced farmers necessary for orchard cultivation?

Creating an orchard is not as easy as planting two or four fruit seeds in the space you have and watering it. Orchard cultivation is a bit of an investment and a long term process that requires the guidance of experts and veterans. We have done a thorough study of the selection of land for your orchard, soil inspection, selection of orchards, planting plan, selection of plants, availability of water, market and based on this we will definitely grow a variety of orchards on your plot.

Management of Fruit Trees in Maivanarai

Strict water management is a major issue in the cultivation of new fruit trees and that is why we will take proper care of fruit trees using various water management techniques. For this we will have expert guides, experienced farmers and local laborers. Based on our extensive experience in agriculture, we implement various schemes for the growth of fruit trees, such as using the right methods of watering from time to time to take care of the scorching sun, using evaporators, providing shade for new fruit trees, etc.

Benefits of Orchard Planting

Demand for sustainable fruit products and fresh fruits from abroad is increasing as well as demand for seasonal fruits which are not available in various countries is also at peak.
Debt reduction is reduced as farmers get the capital required for natural farming using modern technology as they are getting the right market price for their production.
Various government schemes implemented for horticulture by which compensation is guaranteed in case of natural calamities like floods, storms, unseasonal rains, fog, hailstorms etc.
Availability of many export opportunities has given rise to foreign exchange growth, which has an overall impact on the agriculturally controlled economy.

Special Scheme - Organic Fruit Home Delivery

As promised to you while purchasing your Farm House Plot or Organic Farming Plot in Maivanarai Agro Farm, a special arrangement for organic fruits produced on your farm house plot or by Maivanarai Agro Farm will be done to deliver those fresh fruits at your doorstep. We also supply high quality bio - organic products in pune for best results.

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